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The Big G and preparing for a food challenge

When I was writing about the Big G for this week’s issue of Sync, I knew I was going to try it the following week. I heard that it was nearly 10 pounds and I decided to get serious about preparation. I did what any millennial would do. I typed “How to prepare to eat a lot of food” into a search engine. I ran across a blogger’s in-depth post about his personal experiences in eating challenges. It was a bit anecdotal, and for more serious endeavors I might suggest you go to the library and find a more reputable source, but this looked right up my alley.

The Big G in all its glory. By Morgan Acuff (sorry for grain, it was really dim in there)

The Big G in all its glory.
By Morgan Acuff (sorry for grain, it was really dim in there)

Following the advice given, I ate a max-out meal 22 hours before my planned “food event,” as my blogger source, Satel, calls it. I started by eating some grapes on my way to my night job at the Capital Hotel. Once I arrived, I ate a few salads in the employee dining room. I then came back to eat another salad after I saw the lobby and mezzanine were empty (I am a lobby server). I was still not very full, and took to a bowl of tomatoes and cucumbers. The plan with the max-out meal is to eat foods that are easily digested to ensure your digestive tract is empty. I had two bowls of my cucumber and tomato mix before I left early from work due to lack of volume. Once I got home, I really maxed out with roughly two pounds of grapes (there were barely any grapes left in the three pound bag) and I drank three or four glasses of water. I felt bloated, to say the least. Read the rest

No such thing as too much pizza


It’s a tough question, we know:

Of all the central Arkansas pizza places (or places that happen to have pizza) listed in our most recent issue, which is your favorite?

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